Standalone digital radio IP gateway

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Standalone digital radio IP gateway

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Designed for amateur radio

Connect openSPOT easily to DMR, D-Star reflectors, C4FM/System Fusion rooms, and use your radio with excellent voice quality without sync errors
Customize communication settings on the web interface
Discover how digital protocols work, and connect your own apps by sending and receiving RF frames in TCP/UDP packets
Create your own RF protocol by customizing RF modem settings, packet format, sync words (even with TDMA support)
Use single, or separate RX/TX frequencies
Optional erroneous packet generator module for testing other digital receivers

State of the art hardware design

2 CPUs running at 100 and 120MHz
USB mass storage device bootloader for easy firmware upgrades
4 multicolor, bright LEDs for easy real time state monitoring
Low power usage
Automatic recalibration

DMR features

Use openSPOT not only as a DMR hotspot, but as a base or mobile station with 2 timeslots simultaneously
Timeslot repeating in base station/repeater mode
Send and receive DMR SMS messages
Built-in echo service
Controllable with calls and custom short messages to preconfigured DMR IDs



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